We only serve one size pizza, a personal 10 inch.
Our Greek-style pizza comes standard with our homemade
tomato sauce and the ideal amount of cheddar cheese.


Cheese options(other than the regular amount):
“No cheese”, “light cheese”(only a sprinkling), “less cheese”(about half the normal amount), and “extra cheese”(add $1.30).

Sauce options(other than the regular amount):
“no sauce”, “light sauce”, and “extra sauce”(add $.50)..

Cooking options (other than regular) include:
“half-cooked”, “light”, “medium”, and “well-done/crispy”. “Old oven” available upon request.

Our crust contains gluten.

Please alert us of food allergies.

Prices shown do not include tax. Prices shown on the website are for convenience and may not reflect prices changes at the restaurant, final price is at register.

We accept cash only, or a check with a valid state ID. There is an ATM in the restaurant.



Photos coming soon!

Adults – $15.00
Kids – $12.00

Hats: $20.00