We only serve one size pizza, a personal 10 inch.
Our Greek-style pizza comes standard with our homemade
tomato sauce and the ideal amount of cheddar cheese.


Cheese options(other than the regular amount):
“No cheese”, “light cheese”(only a sprinkling), “less cheese”(about half the normal amount), and “extra cheese”(add $1.30).

Sauce options(other than the regular amount):
“no sauce”, “light sauce”, and “extra sauce”(add $.50)..

Cooking options (other than regular) include:
“half-cooked”, “light”, “medium”, and “well-done/crispy”. “Old oven” available upon request.

Our crust contains gluten.

Please alert us of food allergies.

Prices shown do not include tax.

We accept cash only, or a check with a valid state ID. There is an ATM in the restaurant.



Photos coming soon!

Adults – $15.00
Kids – $12.00

Hats: $20.00